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Environmental Pollution Control Unit

Application for Environmental Protection License

Application for Renewal of Environmental Protection License

Application for siting of New Industries(Site Clearance)

List of specialists/ consultants

Laboratory/Consultant/ Specialist Registration Form

Renewal Form of Registration for Laboratory / Consultant / Specialist

List of Registered Laboratories

Waste Management Unit

Basel Movement/Tracking Form

Basel Notification Form

Application for scheduled waste management

Licensed Collectors of Electronic Waste Management in Sri Lanka

Application for importing waste recycle material – BASEL TEC Committee

Questionnaire for Registration of Polythene and Plastic Importers /Manufacturers / Recyclers / Used Polythene and Plastic Collectors

Environmental Impact Assessment Unit

EIA/IEE Form (Basic Information Questionnaire)

EIA Consultants Registered (List of EIA Consultants Registered with CEA)

Strategic Environment Assessment Guidelines